Denver Paleontology

Denver Paleontology represents the dinosaur paleontology program at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science led by curator Joe Sertich. The program is among the leading field- and laboratory-based research programs in the world, focused on the discovery of fossil ecosystems across the Rocky Mountain region, and the world. Denver Paleo seeks to uncover a complete picture of past life in “campaign-style” field efforts utilizing collaborations between scientists from a wide range of disciplines including vertebrate paleontology, paleobotany, invertebrate paleontology, geology, and geochemistry. Denver Paleontology also incorporates and trains large groups of volunteers in all facets of fieldwork, preparation, and research. Follow the Denver Paleontology team here as they embark on expeditions around the world.



The Denver Paleo team is always digging up new fossils. Check out some of our latest big discoveries here…

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Ready to join our team? You can become a dinosaur volunteer in the field, lab, or collections.

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